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The Networks and Distributed Systems (NetSys) Lab is currently participating in the SCION project, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig at ETH Zurich. Prof. Dr. David Hausheer is also leading and managing the research network EmanicsLab.

Prior to joining OVGU Magdeburg, Prof. Dr. David Hausheer has been participating in several research projects including the DFG Collaborative Research Centre MAKI, the EU projects SmartenIT and eCOUSIN, the Deutsche Telekom industrial project "Dynamic Networks", and the Bell Labs project "Elastic Network Services".

Previously, through its association with the Multimedia Communications Lab (KOM), Prof. Dr. David Hausheer also participated in the BMBF project G-Lab, the ETRI industrial project on P2P Assisted Social IPTV, as well as the DFG research group "QuaP2P", which they also coordinated.

In his former groups at ETH Zurich and University of Zurich, Prof. Dr. David Hausheer has been involved in several national and international research projects, including the EU projects M3I, MMAPPS, Akogrimo, EMANICS, EC-GIN, SmoothIT, and the EU COST Action 290, as well as the SNSF project DaSAHIT, and the Cisco URP project SCRIPT, in which he has developed his expertise and proven his competence in the areas of peer-to-peer systems and economic network management. The results of this research are published and presented in both national and international scientific journals and conferences.

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